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It’s not enough to just exist in the market space. That’s why we’ve mastered the tools needed to boost your business sales through smart digital marketing. We’ll build a strategic online marketing design tailored to your specific business and its needs. Have an award-winning salesperson that gives a sales pitch to an infinite number of potential clients, at any day, any time.

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We want to focus on generating leads that fit your target audience, not shoot blindly. This means more efficient and less expensive marketing. We maximize your investment by managing analyses that figure out your ideal audience so that you don’t have to waste time and money on an online presence targeted at people that are less likely to engage.

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A perfectly designed smart showroom

We build growth-focused websites that are not only designed for ease-of-use, but also as a smart data collection tool for your business. We create smooth designs and precise messaging for your brand, strategically crafted to yield positive results. In other words, a better user experience for the target audience built on analysis of specific information. In turn, more purchases, phone calls, and/or registrations.

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Social media advertising is built on a targeted approach.

All that data analysis we love to talk about? It’s key in creating targeted social media ads. This means that your product or service will be distributed to people who are more likely to be interested in your service or product across multiple channels. In other words, a faster, higher chance of client conversion means more money made with less money spent in less time.

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5.6 billion searches are realized daily on google.

With Google Ads, your business will appear front and center when someone Google Searches for a service or product like yours. This guarantees better, more precise traffic for your business. Magnify has 12 years of experience under its belt. You can be sure our Search Engine Optimization team knows what works and what doesn’t in Google’s algorithms.

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Here you can see how we helped some of our clients achieve their growth goals and scale their business profitably.

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